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  • Oligo-miocene amber from Mexico
  • Cretaceous Burmite from Myanmar
  • Cretaceous New Jersey amber from USA


The vivid color scheme of this site is inspired by the beautiful molten glow of Amber. I love bright colors!

"Amber is fossilized tree resin, which has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times". -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amber images courtesy of The Gemology Project.

Making Kefir

Written by Julia on April 16, 2014.
Kefir grains

Recently I discovered I could make cheese at home with nothing more than milk and a small amount of vinegar. Hence, a new passion for "do it yourself (diy)" projects sprang up within me. After making the cheese, I taught myself how to make yogurt! Well, if yogurt was so easy why not move on to other fermented food products? I am now in the process of making vinegar. Later week I am trying my hand at making Kefir from live probiotic cultures, called kefir grains. Oddly enough, Kefir grains cannot be made without first obtaining some and then growing those. They can be purchased online or they can be obtained by others who give theirs away. Being the curious person that I am, I purchased grains from several sources to see if some were better than others. I haven't received any of my orders yet but I am expecting them soon. The Kefir lady has an interesting method for sharing her grains, based on the "pay it forward" concept, I believe. She'll send you what you want without an upfront payment and asks for cash or an Amazon gift card in return. There is a tradition that says Kefir grains are supposed to be given away (I'll write more about that later) but a lot of people sell theirs to help pay for the cost of making the product on a daily basis. I did place an order with the Kefir Lady and received instructions on how to send her gift but after complying I got no acknowledgement of receipt nor confirmation that my order was shipped. I will update when, or if, I receive the product. After placing an order with the Kefir Lady, I came across a seller on Etsy, KefirCouture, who claimed to have some amazing grains from Circassia, where I believe Kefir actually originated. I'm still researching the origins of Kefir and will write about it when I learn more. Obviously I had to order them! I'm expecting those any day now and will write about them when they arrive. My ordering experience, though, was good. I received a confirmation of payment immediately and then of shipping the next day. Another seller, Yemoos, had a Water Kefir kit with everything needed to start your first batch, along with some other great stuff. I won't get into the specifics of Water Kefir at the moment as my post is getting out of hand now! And, yes, I purchased the kit! Nathan and Emily were nice enough to substitute part of the kit that I didn't want thus making me a loyal customer for life. They have a nice website that I had actually discovered before I found them on Etzy. Check it out at yemoos.com. Oh yes... I can't forget their Facebook page. So there you have it... a post with my results will soon follow. Thanks for reading!

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Hello World!

Written by Julia on April 17, 2014.

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